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Q: Communications

If you select during the order process or at other times when you submit personally identifiable information, the information you provide may be used by to create and deliver to you our newsletters, surveys or other communications containing product information. If you prefer not to receive such Communications, please do not select the ‘Please inform me option’. If you do select this option and later decide that you would no longer like to receive these communications, please use the features made available to you.

Q: Brochure Mailing List

If you have requested a brochure, all information is kept completely confidential and is not shared with any third parties. We may, on occasion, send you an updated catalog or brochure. If you do not wish to receive any mail from, please contact us via email at . Include your name and mailing address and email address. You will be removed from any future mailings.

Q: Communications to Serve You

If you have elected to provide us with your contact information, e.g., by registering at the Site, emailing our Customer Service department or placing an order, we may provide you with service related announcements concerning the Site or contact you regarding your customer service requests or your order. For example, all registered users will receive an email to confirm their order. These types of communications are necessary to serve you, respond to your concerns and to provide the high level of customer service that offers its customers.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

We will never provide your personally identifiable information to third parties for their use in marketing their products or services to you without your consent. takes great pride in having you as a customer and we will ensure your privacy as a customer. does not sell or exchange names or any other information about our customers with third parties.

Q: Fraud Protection and Compliance with Law

We may disclose any information, including personally identifiable information, we deem necessary, in our sole discretion, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request. We may also exchange information, including personally identifiable information, with other companies and organizations for credit fraud protection and risk reduction.

Q: Service Providers

We may retain other companies and individuals to perform functions consistent with our Privacy Policy on our behalf. Examples include customer support specialists, web hosting companies, fulfillment companies (e.g., companies that fill product orders or coordinate mailings), data analysis firms and email service providers. Such third parties may be provided with access to personally identifiable information needed to perform their functions, but may not use such information for any other purpose.

Q: Special Events

If you elect to participate in any promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, questionnaires or other events during your visit to our Site, the rules or terms and conditions for those events may indicate that your personally identifiable information will be shared with third parties. By choosing to participate and submitting your personally identifiable information with respect to such events, you consent to disclosure of your personally identifiable information to such third parties.

Q: Business Transfers

As we continue to develop our business, we might sell certain of our assets. In such transactions, user information, including personally identifiable information, generally is one of the transferred business assets, and by submitting your personal information on the Site you agree that your data may be transferred to such parties in these circumstances.

Q: Cookies, IP Addresses, Pixel Tags and Tracking Technology

We may place a "cookie" on your computer's hard drive so we can recognize you as a return user and personalize your experience. A cookie is a piece of data that enables us to track and target your preferences. The cookie will be stored on your computer's hard drive until you remove it. We may also use temporary or "session" cookies to help you shop. These cookies will expire when you place an order. You can have your browser notify you of, or automatically reject, cookies. If you reject our cookies, you may still use the Site, but you may be limited in the use of some of the features. In addition, we may use IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the Site, track traffic patterns, and gather demographic information for aggregate use, as well as in combination with your personally identifiable information for credit fraud protection and risk reduction.

Similarly, when you visit this Site or view one of our emails, we may use pixel tags (also called "clear" gifs), tracking links and/or similar technology to note some of the pages you visit on our Site and personalize your experience. We may also use pixel tags to determine what types of email your browser supports. We may use the information collected through pixel tags, tracking links and similar technology in combination with your personally identifiable information. does recognize your ISP (internet service provider), however, we cannot identify you as an individual. If you make an on-line purchase we do collect information (such as sales statistics and traffic patterns) to help improve your shopping experience. We keep all information confidential.

Q: Use of Aggregate Information

We may use the information you provide in aggregate (non-personally identifiable) form for internal business purposes, such as generating statistics and developing marketing plans. We may collect, store or accumulate certain non-personally identifiable information concerning your use of the Site, such as information regarding which of our pages are most popular. We may share or transfer non-personally identifiable information with or to our affiliates, licensees and partners.

Q: Links

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected on this Site. Our Site may contain links to or from other websites and you should be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of other websites linked to the Site.

Q: Security seeks to protect the security of your personal information both online and offline. All credit card transactions are secure. Every on-line order is encrypted and sent through a secure server, using SSL technology to prevent information from being intercepted.

Confidential information such as your credit card number will be used only to fulfill your order. To protect your privacy, we will ask you to enter your credit card number and expiration date each time you place an order with us. This way, even if someone else accesses the account information stored on your computer, they won't be able to use your credit card.

E-mail is not encrypted and is not a secure means to transmit credit card numbers. We will only display the last 4 digits of your credit card number on your account.

Q: Notification of Policy Changes reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy in the future by posting changes at this location and we may make changes at any time without notification.

Q: Updating Personal Information

If you are a registered member at, you can change your personal information at any time by updating your information at check-out.

Q: Contacting Us

We welcome your comments and questions about privacy. Please send email to

We are confident that your visit to is secure and safe. However, you may choose to call us directly to place your order over the telephone. Please call Customer Service toll free at 1-888-827-7927.

Technical Support

Q: How long does your brake rotors and brake pads last?

The life of the rotors and pads are determined based on the type of vehicle, usage, drivers' driving habits, and environment. In most cases, it will last up to *40,000 miles (*65,000 km). To extend the life of your rotors, please ensure that the rotors and pads are properly installed and have followed proper break-in procedures.

*Please note that these are estimated values and may vary depending on geographical areas or usage for brakes.

Q: How do I know when I need new brakes for my vehicle?

Have your vehicle’s brake system checked by your local auto specialist when:

  • You hear grinding, screeching, growling or chirping noises while braking.
  • You feel your brake pedal application going lower or further than normal.
  • You reach *28,000 miles (*45,000 km) for your front brakes and *40,000 miles (*65,000 km) for your rear brakes.

* Please note that these are estimated values and may vary depending on geographical areas of usage for brakes.

It is important to keep a record of your brake mileage whenever you change the brake system in your vehicle.

Q: Do I need to make any modifications to your products before I can use them on my vehicle?

No modifications are required when you purchase our Rotors and Brake Pads. All of our products are designed to meet original equipment specifications and can be directly installed on compatible vehicles.

Q: How do I properly break in my new brake rotors and pads?

Run the new discs and pads for approximately 50 to 100 miles (80 to 160 km) avoiding excessive or high speed braking. Keep in mind that brake effectiveness may be somewhat reduced during the first braking period.

Note: Braking performance and effectiveness will be severely reduced if rotors and pads are not properly installed. Zinc Plated rotors require extra time and care during initial break-in.



After installation of your new brake components, IN A SAFE LOCATION, begin executing stops from no more than 35 mph (55 km/h). Apply the brakes with minimum pressure and release before coming to a full stop and allow a short cool down period between stops. Make a minimum of 10 stops, or more if necessary. It is imperative that the brakes are not allowed to overheat during the break-in procedure. After initial break-in, avoid heavy braking for the next 300 to 400 miles (500 to 650 km).

Q: What should I do if my new brakes are making unusual noises or vibrations?

During the brake in procedure, it is normal to have unusual noises, pedal or steering wheel pulsations. If proper installation procedures were followed and the brakes were installed correctly, this condition will gradually diminish until the brake pads have mated to the rotors' surface.

Q: Are brake rotors directional?

Are brake rotors directional?

Rotors with STRAIGHT INTERNAL COOLING VANES are non-directional. They can be installed on either side of the vehicle without degrading performance. However, Rotors with CURVED INTERNAL COOLING VANES are directional and should be installed appropriately to maximize cooling effect. When the directional rotors are properly installed, the pattern of drilled holes / slots should lean toward the back of the car - as shown in the diagram above.

Q: What is brake pad dust and how does it affect my vehicle?

When brakes are applied to stop a vehicle, metal debris breaks off the brake pads, creating a metal dust. While dust from the brake pad is normal, excessive amounts can signal a potential problem. If large amounts of brake dust are appearing around the brakes and wheels, the build-up can result in poor brake function, vibration and shorter life of the brake pads.

Q: Will the Anti-Rust Zinc Plating wear off?

Will the Anti-Rust Coating wear off? Will the Anti-Rust Coating wear off?

The Zinc Plating around the braking areas of the rotor will eventually wear off after use. This is normal and unavoidable. However, the hat, vents and other parts of the rotor where the pads do not come into contact will remain protected. Rust will eventually build up around the braking surface of the rotors if your vehicle remained stationary or exposed to natural elements for a prolonged period. This build up of rust will scrape off right away as soon as you put your vehicle in motion and let the brake pads clean the rust off the braking surface of your rotors.

Q: What are the differences between vented and solid rotors?

Vented & Solid Rotors

There are generally two forms of a brake rotor or brake disc: solid and/or vented or ventilated brake rotors. Solid brake rotors, as the name implies, is one solid disc. Vented brake rotors are two discs conjoined at the middle by vanes or lined structures. The purpose of vanes is to provide more cooling and heat dissipation of the brake components.

IMPORTANT: Vented/Solid Rotors are VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS DEPENDENT. You cannot install a vented rotor onto a vehicle which have solid rotors installed by the original manufacturer without modifying the entire braking system.

Q: What are the differences between rear disc brakes and rear drum brakes?

Disc brakes use a flat, disk-shaped metal rotor that spins with the wheel. When the brakes are applied, a calliper squeezes the brake pads against the disc (just as you would stop a spinning disc by squeezing it between your fingers), slowing the wheel.

Drum brakes use a wide cylinder that is open at the back, similar in appearance to a drum. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, curved shoes located inside the drum are pushed outwards, rubbing against the inside of the drum and slowing the wheel.

Disc brakes are generally considered superior to drum brakes for several reasons. First, they dissipate heat better (brakes work by converting motion energy to heat energy). Under severe usage, such as repeated hard stops or riding the brakes down a long incline, disc brakes take longer to lose effectiveness (a condition known as brake fade). Disc brakes also perform better in wet weather, because centrifugal force tends to fling water off the brake disc and keep it dry, whereas drum brakes will collect some water on the inside surface where the brake shoes contact the drums.

Note: In order to guarantee 100% exact fitment, customers must confirm what type of brakes applies for their specific vehicles. A vehicle that uses rear drum brakes can only be replace with another drum brake and vice versa. We do not sell any brake conversion kits to convert drum brakes into disc brakes.

Q: Does your brake pads come with electronic sensors?

Only some models of our brake pads include electronic sensors. Please leave us a message or call our Toll-Free Technical Support Hotline at 1-888-827-7927 if you have any questions regarding the fitment of electronic sensors for your vehicle.

Shipping & Returns

Q: When will my order ship?

Orders received by 2PM local time typically are processed the same day received. Shipping times will vary depending on your location and selected shipping options. Typical processing time ranges from 1-5 days and may vary during the holiday seasons. For UPS shipments you can track the progress of the order using their order tracking number available on your order. Shipping delays can occur when the wrong address or zip code is submitted for the shipping address. If the shipping company cannot deliver the package we will contact you via phone or e-mail.

Q: What shipping options are available? offers our customers the option of selecting 2 day ground, next day, or air through either the United States Postal Service USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS) for shipments in the continental U.S.

Q: How are returns handled?

If an items needs to be returned, the customer is responsible for the return shipping fees and should obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-827-7927 to discuss the reason for the return and make the necessary arrangements. The amount of the refund will be based on the purchase price of your products and may include a restocking fee.

Q: Do you ship outside the continental U.S.?

We apologize for any inconvenience but we do not currently ship outside the continental U.S. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other U.S. Territories, or international locations at this time.

Q: In what instances will a restocking fee occur?

A 20% restocking fee may apply if an order is requested to be cancelled while it is being processed.